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Hurricane Prep & Clean-up


Certified Hurricane Preparedness experts

When it comes to hurricane preparedness Strickly Tree Care Services has many decades of hurricane preparedness under our belts, here in South Florida. We have been through and helped our customers prepare for dozens of hurricanes. So Let our company help you prepare with a comprehensive evaluation to prepare for hurricanes. We have the Experience, Knowledge & Equipment to do any job.


Proper tree pruning and tree maintenance are essential for hurricane preparedness. When trees are pruned properly and maintained in the proper way, they will withstand a much better chance of doing damage to the tree itself or anything else around the tree, such as structures, people, and utility lines. because overgrown or dead trees can cause many problems to property during a storm or hurricane. We can help you with a free consultation to inspect for defects or problems in a tree that can cause significant damage to structures and utility lines, such as dead or broken branches, structurally weak root systems, or any other problems with the tree. It is very important to thin the canopy of very dense trees. This helps to reduce the wind resistance that will be put on the tree in heavy winds such as a hurricane or even extremely violent summer storms that we are known for here in South Florida Aka Hurricane Alley. So let our ISA Certified Arborists at Strickly Tree Care Services help you prepare your trees the proper and correct way. This will help to reduce the amount of risk, liability, and exposure to trees, structures & utility lines that come with hurricanes and storms.

Hurricane Prep is Vital-DONT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE

Hurricane season in Florida is from June until the end of November. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your trees trimmed for hurricane season. The proper thing to do is to have your trees professionally maintained throughout the year but the best time to have your trees trimmed and ready for hurricane season is April & May. If you wait too long until a storm or hurricane is on the way, chances are most tree services are booked up with their yearly customers. So get prepared early to be ready for any storms we have coming our way. While you’re out buying your supplies for hurricane season, remember to think about pruning your trees to secure your home and property. So give us a call to set up a free estimate.


Strickly Tree Care Services is native to Florida. We have been through dozens of hurricanes and helped people prepare
beforehand and in the aftermath of a hurricane. God forbid you were hit by a hurricane The last thing you need is to have to worry about hurricane cleanup from tree damage. Such as a tree that has fallen through your roof or is blocking certain Access to your property such as a driveway or even to enter the building. Going through a hurricane is stressful enough Without having to worry about removing trees from your yard or repairing your home in the aftermath of a hurricane so let us help you clean up after the storm. We have the Experience, Knowledge, & Equipment to do any job, big or small.


We can also help you document the damage for your insurance company with a certified report and pictures from our ISA Certified Arborist so that you can remove trees that may cause more damage to structures, such as a tree that has gone through the roof and needs to be removed to put a tarp over to protect the inside of the structure before your insurance adjuster can come out to evaluate the damage. It is well known that insurance adjusters are very, very slow to come out to evaluate the damage to your home after a storm. So give us a call to come document the tree damage caused by a recent storm.

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