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Strickly Tree Care offers all types of reports for your tree care needs, from Certified Tree Surveys, Insurance Documentation for Tree Damage, Tree Condition Reports, Tree Risk Reports, Arborist Reports to Formal Request Letters For Hazardous Trees.  We are certified to provide legal and formal reporting.


Tree shaping is a specialty art in the arboriculture industry that requires many years of practice, skill and knowledge. Strickly Tree Care Services has 40 years of knowledge and practice. Tree shaping requires a great deal of patience, time along with the proper equipment to shape a tree the proper way without doing  the tree damage or harm otherwise known as hat racking. A tree should never have more than 25% of the canopy removed at one given trimming or it can do severe harm to the tree. Take a look at some of our trees
that we have shaped and maintained. Give us a call to evaluate what we can do for your trees. WE ARE EXPERTS IN TREE SHAPING.


Strickly Tree Care Services has maintained residential and commercial properties, HOA, condo associations, and golf courses throughout Palm Beach County for over 40 years.


Strickly Tree Care Services has expertise in hazardous and dangerous tree removals we have the knowledge and experience of removing the most dangerous trees in the worst possible places. We have extensive knowledge & certification of working In close proximity to powerlines and utility lines and trees growing in confined spaces near structures or houses. Large trees & dead trees can pose a serious threat to life or property.

Crane Jobs

Removing trees with the assistance of a crane is hands down the best way to do it. Traditional tree removal methods often require labor and time-intensive methods. They also require very complex rigging to lower pieces to avoid obstacles such as structures or utility lines etc. When a crane is used in the tree removal process, it greatly reduces the amount of time and the impact on the surroundings. Many trees that have been damaged by pests, diseases or storms can make it unstable or unsafe for climbers to climb, making crane removal one of the only safe options for removal. Removing any tree with the use of a crane takes great experience, training, and time, but it can be a much safer alternative than other kinds of traditional removal for the tree and surrounding areas. We have done hundreds of jobs with the use of a crane. STRICKLY TREE CARE SERVICES has 40 years of extensive training and knowledge of tree removal by crane. 


Strickly Tree Care Services is state-authorized as professional mangrove trimmers recommended by the EPA environmental protection agency we are listed on their website as certified mangrove trimmers for the state of Florida. Mangroves in Florida are protected by the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act.


Strickly Tree Care Services has the expertise, knowledge, and proper equipment to help you clear an overgrown spot on your property or empty lot, clear a portion of your property to prepare for a house or structure, regain some over-grown portion of your property or fully clear & excavate a big piece of property for development.


Stump grinding is the process of grinding a tree stump into mulch. A stump grinder uses a carbide-tip spinning wheel to grind stumps down into fine mulch or sawdust residue, on average between 4 to 6 inches below the ground but can be ground to a depth of 36 inches if needed. This process is much more economical than stump removal, which requires complete excavation. stump grinding only grinds away the stump above ground without removing the roots stump grinding can remove some of the tree’s surface roots that are above ground but is not like stump removal, which is the complete excavation of the stump and roots.


Stump removal consists of a much more intrusive process than stump grinding. It involves removing the whole stump with the root system completely out. it requires, in most cases, an excavator. To remove the stump, which causes, in most cases, a lot of damage to existing sod or area around the stump. Stump removal is much more expensive than stump grinding as it is much more invasive than the stump grinding process. The only reason usually to completely remove stumps is to prepare the site for building a slab, structure, driveway, pool, or planting a new tree. that is when complete stump removal is a must otherwise, stump grinding is a much more economical option. Strictly tree care services have 40 years of Professional Experience in stump removal, and we employ the most modern equipment for stump excavation.

Tree Consulting

Hello my name is Ron. I am the owner and operator of Strickly Tree Care Services. I have over 40 years experience in the tree care industry. I am a professional tree Consultant. I am an ISA Certified Arborist and also ISA TRAQ Qualified for tree risk assessments, an FNGLA Certified Horticulturist, and a Professional Tree Appraiser. These are just a few of my credentials with too many more to list.


Tree growth regulators are growth inhibitors that are applied to the soil and taken up by the plants root system. Once absorbed by the plant or tree it can inhibit growth by up to 85 to 90% in most trees and shrubs. A single treatment can last up to 3 years.

Palm Transformation

Let us transform your Sylvester, Canary Island, Date, and Medjool palms or other Pheonix species from ordinary to extraordinary. Let us help you treat your Pheonix species for lethal date palm decline, lethal bronzing or nutritional deficiencies with trunk injection.

Tree Health Diagnosis

Whether you want to clear an overgrown spot on your property or empty lot, clear a portion of your property to prepare for a house or structure, regain some over-grown portion of your property or fully clear & excavate a big piece of property for development STRICKLY TREE CARE SERVICES has the experience, expertise, and knowledge along with the proper equipment to do any size job from a small piece of property to a multi acre track of land, NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL- WE CAN DO IT ALL.

Hurricane Prep & Clean-up

When it comes to hurricane preparedness Strickly Tree Care Services has many decades of hurricane preparedness under our belts, here in South Florida. We have been through and helped our customers prepare for dozens of hurricanes. So Let our company help you prepare with a comprehensive evaluation to prepare for hurricanes. We have the Experience, Knowledge & Equipment to do any job.

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Personal and professional Certified Tree Care

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