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Trimming And Mitigation


Do you need help with a mangrove trimming project or a mitigation project? Mangrove trimming is a very complex rule-required process. Most of the time, it requires permitting through the environmental
protection agency, which is a very complex process. Let us help you ease through the process whether you want to trim mangroves to get a better view or regain some property, or for any other reason. We are state-authorized mangrove trimmers recommended by the EPA environmental protection agency we are listed on their website as certified mangrove trimmers for the state of Florida. Mangroves in Florida are protected by the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act. {MTPA} any trimming or removal that is done
illegally carries a very stiff penalty of up to $5000 per tree plus mitigation from the environmental protection agency. And is heavily enforced by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Agency to make sure everything is done legally and correctly and legally.

What kind of mangroves do you have?
WHITE MANGROVE (Laguncularia racemosa)
BLACK MANGROVE (Avicenna germinans)
RED MANGROVE (Rhizophora mangle)
Some of the reasons for trimming or removal of mangroves-the number #1 reason is Mangroves obstructing waterfront views. An area needs to be cleared to install a boat dock to access the water from a propertyr

Benefits of Mangrove Trees

  • They provide food chain resources for wildlife and marine habitats such as birds, fish, and reptiles.
  • They improve the water quality by cycling organic materials and chemicals, and nutrients through their root systems.
  • They provide storm buffers by reducing wind and wave action.
  • They protect the shoreline from severe erosion with their roots.


Mangroves can grow very tall and out of control and block the view of waterfront property, which can be very distracting as people pay very good money to enjoy waterfront property and can’t see the view. It is understandable that people want to regain a view of the waterfront property. but it should be done by a legally authorized certified mangrove trimmer.
So whether it is trimming or reducing the height of mangrove trees for a view or removing some mangrove trees to regain waterfront access, or installing a boat dock to do a full-blown mangrove restoration, Strictly Tree Care Services will assist you in obtaining the required legal permits required by state and local governments to trim or remove mangrove trees.

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