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Tree Health Diagnosis

Tree Healthcare & Diagnosis

What is a Tree Health Care Diagnosis? A tree health care diagnosis is done by an ISA Certified Arborist that specializes in all aspects of advanced tree health care. This requires an on-site visit to inspect the trees or plants that require attention. We’d like to meet with the property owner who can provide historical and current information such as soil disturbances, construction projects, insect infestation, weather events, and drainage or irrigation issues. The diagnosis is a systematic and complex assessment of tree and plant health care to determine the health risks and proper response to treating the trees to eliminate any issues. Why You Should Choose Strictly Tree Care Service for Tree Health Care? Tree healthcare diagnosis is a specialized tree service that requires individuals with the knowledge and expertise in tree healthcare diagnosis.  Strictly Tree Care Services is ISA Certified Arborist , ISA Tree Risk Qualified, FNGLA Certified Horticulturist and have over 35 years of experience in Arboriculture industry and the latest and most advanced techniques in Tree Health Care Services. We attend many continuing educational classes to learn about the latest information on updated information on diseases, pests and problems and techniques used in the Arboriculture industry.

Some of Our Tree Healthcare Services Include:

  • Tree Nutrition
  • Deficiencies for Macro and Micro nutrients
  • Testing & Analysis for Acidic or Alkaline
  • Soil Insect and disease Management
  • Soil and root management and analysis
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Tree decay and Risk Management Pre & post construction
  • Tree Injection Treatments
  • Proper Pruning and Tree Maintenance and more.

So if you think your trees may be stressed, diseased or dying please give us a call. We specialize in Saving trees. We have the knowledge expertise and experience to diagnose and treat yours trees, to get them healthy and beautiful looking again

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