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Tree Growth Regulator

Tree Growth Regulator

Tree growth regulators are growth inhibitors that are applied to the soil and taken up by the plants root system. Once absorbed by the plant or tree it can inhibit growth by up to 85 to 90% in most trees and shrubs. A single treatment can last up to 3 years. Just think of the significant $avings , maintenance and pruning or trimming cost that could be saved. On treated trees and plants energy that normally is used for plant growth is redirected from shoot growth to the root hair growth increasing the tree and plants ability to take up water and nutrients and chlorophyll production increasing capacity for energy production and pest defense. Leading to healthier trees. Some of the benefits of treating plants and trees with a growth regulator Rather than expending energy on top growth, trees increase root production, Reducing need for pruning and improving drought tolerance Reducing growth 80 to 90% by up to 3 years. Saving money on pruning, trimming. Reducing seed, flower, & fruit production by up to 3 years. Saving messy cleanup Reducing stress on trees before and after construction activities to reduce stress. Homeowners, commercial properties, Homeowner & Condo associations Just think of the significant savings of not pruning and trimming for up to $3 years.

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Benefits of tree growth regulator

  • To reduce pruning for up to 3 years significant maintenance savings, reduce your yearly trimming cost and maintenance of trees.
  • To reduce the amount of growth of a tree under or around a powerline, utility lines or other structures without having to constantly prune back which causes severe harm to trees.
  • To eliminate seed, flowering and fruit production that can cause significant liability and messy clean up.
  • To stop the growth of roots from tree uprooting sidewalks, driveways, roadways and underground utilities you can save significant amount of money in the long run for significant repairs.
  • Health Problems: Large trees need large amounts of water, minerals, and soil space. If the tree is planted in a small area, an area that doesn’t receive lots of water, or soil that isn’t nutrient-rich it will not be able to support itself. Large trees in these situations will suffer from heat stress, diseases, and insect infestations which can be costly to fix.
  • Root & Leaf Enhancement (Better Root System & Greener Leaves) As a result of reducing canopy growth, your tree can now focus it’s time and energy on enhancing its leaf appearance and root growth.
The Tree Growth Regulator will stimulate the production and development of fine roots which will allow the tree to absorb more water and minerals. The application also results in increased chlorophyll production leading to deep green leaves that are able to capture more energy from the sun. As a result of these enhancements, your tree will be better equipped to recover from stress and damage. If your tree is encroaching on your home, outgrowing your yard, suffering from stress, or just overall lackluster. Or looking to save a significant amount on Tree maintenance and trimming we strongly recommend that your tree receives a Tree Growth Regulator application. If you’re interested in Tree Growth Regulators please give  us a call to set up an appointment to help you with your trees.

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