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A tree survey refers to an overall assessment or survey of the trees on a site or property considered for development or permitting process conducted by a qualified arborist with the goal of locating and determining the type, location, condition & number of tree/s Which will be removed and tree/s that will remain. This is usually a requirement for any permitting process done by a municipality or government. Official certified tree survey report with list of trees and pictures.

Tree Risk Reports

Tree risk assessments are visual assessments of a tree’s health by a certified arborist with an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. Which is specialist training in assessing trees for risk liabilities. They are done to determine the likelihood of failure of branches or a whole tree failure and the consequences of a failure. The purpose of a tree risk assessment is to establish whether the tree/trees in question poses an imminent danger to a person’s mitigations or property and what is available for the tree owners. Florida’s newly revised tree law SB- 0518, which went into effect on July 1st, 2022, now requires tree risk assessment instead of an arborist report.

tree condition reports

This is a cost-effective report for the condition of a tree’s health & condition Done by a certified arborist to provide facts relevant to the tree’s health problems. Such as nutritional deficiencies, trimming recommendations, pest problems, and mitigation options.

insurance documentation for tree damage

Do you have hurricane or storm damaged trees that need to be removed immediately to repair roofs or structures that were damaged in order to prevent further damage before the insurance company can assess the site for damage? Let us completely document the damage for the insurance company with pictures and a certified report to use for proof of damage or future litigation purposes for your insurance company.

Formal request letters for hazardous trees

Do you have a neighbor or property owner with a dead or hazardous tree or branches that you know will cause a problem to your house, car, pedestrians, utilities, or personal property? Let us serve them with a formal legal request letter making them aware of the condition of their tree or parts of the tree that may cause severe liability and request for them to remove the tree or parts to prevent any further litigation. Florida has a duty of care law that states that as long as the person has been notified legally by certified letter of the condition of their trees, they will be held accountable for any future liabilities.

Arborist reports

Arborist reports are legal documents that can hold up in court if and when required on the health condition of trees on a given property. Arborist reports offer important information and assessments on the location, condition, and other factors of your trees. Especially if required by municipalities or other government entities during construction, renovation, permitting, or development projects.

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