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Stump Removal

What is stump Removal

Stump removal consists of a much more intrusive process than stump grinding. It involves removing the whole stump with the root system completely out. it requires, in most cases, an excavator. To remove the stump, which causes, in most cases, a lot of damage to existing sod or area around the stump. Stump removal is much more expensive than stump grinding as it is much more invasive than the stump grinding process. The only reason usually to completely remove stumps is to prepare the site for building a slab, structure, driveway, pool, or planting a new tree. that is when complete stump removal is a must otherwise, stump grinding is a much more economical option. Strictly tree care services have 40 years of Professional Experience in stump removal, and we employ the most modern equipment for stump excavation.


REasons For Stump Removal

  • Repairing site for slab or construction of building 
  • Preparation of the site for building pool or driveway.
  • Preparation to install new tree in place of the stump.
  • Safety and insurance hazard reduction.
  • Preparing for underground utilities.
  • Remove stumps to avoid decay, diseases, pest fungus

We specialize in stump removal. Please see pictures & videos below of our jobs.

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